Image courtesy of Leader Newspaper Cranbourne
Cranbourne Secondary College wins Battle of the Band and are now on their way to nationals. Picture: WAYNE TAYLOR

It all started when we talked to each other on our Facebook group chat.

We made this group a while back because of other opportunities we have had and still get. Our lead singer Joseph Stewart asked us if we would like to participate in Battle of the Bands and all the band members Daniel (lead guitar), Jonah (drums), PJ (rhythm guitar) Sarah (lead singer) and myself without hesitation answered yes.

We chose the songs Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder and Treasure by Bruno Mars and decided that we should create our own versions of these songs. With the versions we created we really wanted to get the crowd going.

Before they announced the winners I was awarded ‘Best Player in the Southeast’ which was a big achievement for me; the techniques I used in the first song was finger plucking with a reggae feel to it.

The technique I used in the second was song was the slap technique. The man who I learnt this from was Victor Wooten, who is my favourite bass player of all time because of his technically innovative playing and other original talents he brings to the table.

We were then announced as the winners as well.

All in all this experience at Battle of the Bands was a really good time and the band I are just stoked to be going to nationals.

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