Return to school, Term 3

Dear Students, Parents and Families,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting further information regarding the start of Term 3.

Now that the State Government has made an announcement regarding a return to remote and flexible learning I am able to provide some more clarity around what week 1 of Term 3 (13/7-17/7) will look like for Year 11 and 12 students at Cranbourne Secondary College.

I am also awaiting more details from the Department of Education and Training (DET) regarding the next six weeks of school operations. When this is received it will be shared with staff so appropriate plans can be put in place for July 20th to August 19th. I will then be able to provide further details regarding what this will look like for all other year levels at the College.

Some additional pieces of information since my last email:

  • Year 10 students enrolled in an on site VET class are expected to attend their normally scheduled VET class,
  • All students on site will have their temperature checked prior to starting classes.
  • Monday 13th 2020 – Yr 11 and 12 students to arrive between 10am and 11am for temperature checking. Classes to commence by the start of period 3, 11.25am

An overview of Week 1 (Monday 13th July – Friday 17th July)

  • Students in Year 11 and 12 will return to school on Monday 13th July.
  • This includes all VCE and VCAL students.
  • Year 10 students undertaking an on site VET program can attend this class at its scheduled time.
  • There will be no period 1 classes on Monday 13th July. The start time for all VCE and VCAL is 10am on this day.
  • VCAL students must report to the little gym and VCE students to the Theatre foyer to have their temperature checked between 10 and 11am on Monday 13/7.
  • Off site VET certificates for all students will not be running until further notice.
    Students in Years 7-10 will not be required to attend school
  • Families where the Parent(s) / Guardian(s) are unable to work from home who have students in Years 7-10 may apply to have their child / child in their care attend school for this week. Application forms are available from the College administration office. ( or (03)5996 3544)
  • College staff (when not teaching Yr 11 and 12 classes) will be undertaking planning and preparation for remote and flexible learning.
  • More detailed information regarding the return to remote and flexible learning will be communicated with students and families by Thursday 16th July.

Temperature checking

All students will be required to have their temperature checked prior to attending classes.
On Monday 13th July all Year 11 and 12 students will have this done during period 2.
From Tuesday 14th of July students will have this done prior to period 1 classes commencing.

Other FAQ’s

I am in Year 11 or 12 and I would like to engage in remote learning and not attend school, is this possible?

No. The College is not resourced to be able to provide this service. Any non attendance will be considered absent and students are expected to access work for Compass.

What happens if my temperature is recorded as being above 37.5?

A parent or guardian will be contacted and you will be sent home.

What if I am unwell but still feel okay to come to school?

Please stay home and access classwork via Compass and arrange for a COVID-19 test.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Schools have not been instructed to enforce the use of facemasks. Year 11 and 12 students are expected to practice physical distancing with their peers.

Many thanks again for your patience and support,
David Caughey
College Principal