Our school encourages students to take the lead and have a say. In pursuit of this, our school offers students the opportunity to become a part of the School Council. Every year, two students are elected from the SRC as School Council members alongside parents, teachers, community representatives and the College Principal.

Accepting this position entails after school meetings once a month where members discuss events that have happened throughout the year. These items include, pressing concerns and solutions. Students on School Council are given insight into the finer details of what happens within our school. Participating in this position, allows students to build confidence when conversing with a variety of people. This is a vital skill students need to equip themselves with the real world.

Please nominate a representative for School Council.

To be eligible to run in the student member category, the student must be enrolled in Year 7 or above at the school where they are seeking to be on Council. There is no minimum age requirement. These members are elected by all students enrolled in Year 7 or above at the school.

Student members of school council have the same role and responsibilities as other council members including, full voting rights. However, student members are not eligible to hold any office bearer position.

If a Year 12 student, who has been elected to the student member category has completed the normal school year and ceases to be enrolled at the school, that student may continue to be a member of the council until the next council election, at the beginning of the next year.

Please give your nomination form to Mrs Wiley in the main office.

Nominations are now open and will close next Tuesday 30th March at 3.30 pm

An election will be held the following day if there is more than one nominee.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in leadership at the college.