Dear parents, students and families,

I hope you are all well.

As you may be aware the state government have announced a return to COVID based restrictions, including a return to remote and flexible learning. This will begin as of Friday 6th of August and continue until Thursday 12th of August. The scheduled return date to onsite classes is Friday 13th of August.

The College is in a positive position to maintain learning continuity as well as social and emotional supports for students.

I would like to reiterate that our staff are highly committed to maintaining learning and wellbeing supports for our students and families.

If you need any support or advice please make contact with the College. A small group of staff, including members of the Principal team will be on site during normal school hours for the duration of the remote and flexible learning period.

Friday 6th August – There will be no formal classes on site or remotely.
Our focus will be on checking in with students to ensure they are prepared for a return to live lessons on Microsoft teams.

Similar to our most recent return to remote and flexible learning period there will be a series of online information sessions for students occurring.
Details will be shared with students and families by 9.30am Friday 6th August.

Monday 9th to Thursday 12th August – Remote learning with live lessons on Microsoft Teams.

Remote learning begins.

  • All classes will occur live using Microsoft Teams.
  • Lessons start times follow student compass schedules.
  • Lessons will run for 45mins at a time. (aside from form assembly – 12 minutes)

It is highly recommended that the last 15 minutes of each scheduled lesson be used by students to step away from their screens and engage in another activity – preferably something that involves physical activity.

General information

On site attendance
Applications for students to attend on site are available upon request from the main office. Please email or collect a hard copy from the front office. Forms for attendance on Friday 6th August will need to be completed and returned before 9am. Forms requesting on site attendance for Monday 9th through to Thursday 12th August will need to be returned by 1pm on Friday 6th August.

The College remains highly committed to providing a learning environment onsite for students who are: deemed vulnerable, and / or are part of the program for students with disability (PSD) and / or those students with parents / carers who are unable to provide supervision at home due to employment that is essential and that takes the parent out of the family home.

IT requirements
Students can obtain IT supports by contacting

Access to lockers
Students who need to access their lockers can come onto site on any day during the remote and flexible period between 9am and 1pm. Access will be via the front office where standard contact tracing will be used.

Structured Workplace Learning arrangements
Students currently undertaking structured workplace learning as part of their VCAL or VET certificate are advised to wait further information from our VET Coordinator regarding arrangements during the coming week.

Additional family support
The College has some packs of food and other necessities to support families in need. Please contact the College if you would like access to one of these packs.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience, please contact with the College should you need any assistance or clarification.

David Caughey
College Principal