The College has been very involved in upgrading the buildings and facilities around the College. The Year 7/8 area has been one of the most recent developments, equipping the students with new learning areas and facilities to access during breaks.

The College is continually seeking opportunities to improve the grounds by installing more seating, shaded areas and planting.

Each sub school (7-8, 9-10, Senior) has a designated area within the College.  The Junior School area is equipped with two basketball courts and playground. All designated areas are supervised during lunch, recess, before school from 8.30am and after school until 3.15pm.

The College has recently undertaken the building of a brand new Trade Training Centre to enhance the pathways of the students at the College. 1st year Building & Construction is being delivered from the new facility beginning February 2018.

Builders SJ Higgins have commenced constructions works in November 2017. They have completed the new Visual Arts Centre and upgraded the Junior Courtyard. These new state of the art facilities are now available and will be followed closely by the creation of a new Science & Technology wing and Student Wellbeing centre. These are exciting times for our College and we look forward to providing modern and well-equipped classrooms for our current and future students.