Booklist notices are listed on Compass, the website and our College Newsletter as soon as they become available. Forms are also sent to parents.

Booklists – 2022

If your child is choosing a senior subject in 2022, please click on the link VCE booklists – Edrolo and Campion to decide which textbook company will provide you with the online version compared with the hardcopy textbooks documents.

Please see the booklists for the relevant year levels:

How to order your resources from Campion

You can order your 2022 booklist requirements in 5 simple steps.

  1. Go to and click the red ‘Order Here’ button

Campion Education Website

  1. Create your Campion account. All you need is your email address and a password you can remember.
  2. Enter the Cranbourne Secondary College Resource List code: 28JQ
  3. Select the resources you need and complete your details
  4. Submit your payment.
  5. Done!

For more information and instructional videos, go to

Campion Education


Edrolo – essential online and textbook VCE resources

Your child will be using Edrolo as an essential online and textbook VCE resource to support their studies in 2022. This resource has been comprehensively assessed and chosen by your child’s teachers and the school as a core teaching and learning resource. 

The following information outlines the key benefits of this resource for your child as they approach their final years at school, and how to pay for their online and/or hardcopy access via the Edrolo Payment Portal. 

Setup your child’s Edrolo account here:


Edrolo Standard Resource

Edrolo is an online resource that provides interactive videos and exam questions for Year 11 and 12 students. Edrolo is currently used by 1,000+ schools and 100,000+ students. You can find out more about how Edrolo will support your child in their VCE in this short video:

Your child’s school will use Edrolo as a teaching and learning tool to further enhance what is covered in class. Their teachers will use Edrolo for:

  • prescribed holiday homework
  • pre-class work
  • post-class consolidation
  • assessment preparation and exam revision
  • student self-study
  • student feedback

Edrolo Textbooks

Edrolo publishes textbooks that go far beyond the traditional textbooks we are generally familiar with. The main features of the Edrolo textbook include:

  • Exam-style questions to help prepare students throughout the year.
  • Answers for every question with corresponding checklists to support student understanding.
  • Video solutions accompanying all textbook questions, recorded by expert educators to guide students to understand what is required to answer the questions. 
  • Extra support with homework! There are loads of videos that are accessible 24/7 to help your child understand what they need to know for a SAC or exam. 
  • Data that is accessible by the teacher to help them better understand the next steps in your child’s learning. 

What does Edrolo cost? 

  • Edrolo Standard Resource + Digital and Physical Textbook = $71.50.

How do I pay via the Edrolo Payment Portal for my child’s access?

Payment must be made via the online Payment Portal in your child’s Edrolo account. As your child will be using Edrolo as a key resource in the subscribed subjects, please ensure payment is made as early as possible to ensure minimal disruption to their VCE studies. 

Payments can be made online through your child’s Edrolo account from the 10th of December 2021 onwards.

If payment has not been received by December 10, your child will be blocked from accessing all of their Edrolo courses until the balance has been paid in full (no later than March 14, 2022). As soon as account payment has been made, access to all courses will be restored. Please ensure payment is made as soon as possible, as your child will have homework and classwork to complete on Edrolo through Term 4 and the summer break. 

Please see below for instructions on how your child can activate their Edrolo account in order to access the Payment Portal to complete payment.

Edrolo Account Activation

If your child used Edrolo in 2021, their account will be active and you can log in with them as normal to pay through the Payment Portal as per Step 6 below. 

If your child is new to Edrolo, please follow the instructions below to activate their account.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your child’s surname and check that it recognises their correct first name
  3. Enter their school email address and choose a secure password that they will remember
  4. Click ‘Let me in’
  5. Edrolo will send a confirmation email to the email address you used above – head to this email and click the activation link.
  6. Once you have signed into their account, click on the “Pay now” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen and follow the prompts.

Didn’t receive the confirmation email?  Double-check your spam/junk folder. If not there, please head back to the link in step one and try again (you may have mistyped your email address).

I have an account, but I can’t remember my password!  Simply head to our reset password page.

I’m still having trouble, please send help!  Don’t worry, our School Support Team is standing by ready to assist! Simply click ‘Leave a Message’ or give us a call on 1300 EDROLO (1300 337 656).

Edrolo Payment Portal: Video Demo 

Please watch this 2-minute video to see how to complete payment for your child through the Edrolo Payment Portal.