We recommend all staff and parents become familiar with the policies of Cranbourne Secondary College and encourage discussion with students so they understand their obligations and responsibilities to the College, each other and themselves.

School Child Safe Policies

Cranbourne Secondary College is unconditionally committed to providing the very best and safest educational environment for every student. As a College, we follow and uphold the Child Safe Standards.

Dress Code Policy – Students

The College Council believes that a compulsory school uniform for students fosters:

  • equality
  • contributes to their wellbeing and safety, especially during school excursions or when travelling to and from school
  • promotes a positive school identity and image in a variety of community and public settings

Strict uniform guidelines are provided by the school. It is essential that both parents and their children carefully read through these and adhere to them as the College expects students to be in full school uniform during school hours including travelling to and from school, during lunchtimes, recess and on excursions.

Bullying Prevention Policy

Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at Cranbourne Secondary College. We aim to create a caring community in which bullying is recognised as wrong and unacceptable and where the reporting of bullying is encouraged and expected.

Mobile Phone Policy

In accordance with the Department of Education’s Mobile Phones Policy issued by the Minister for Education, personal mobile phones must not be used at Cranbourne Secondary College during school hours, including lunchtime and recess.

Mobile phones owned by students at Cranbourne Secondary College are considered valuable items and are brought to school at the owner’s (student’s or parent/carer’s) risk.  Please note that Cranbourne Secondary College does not have insurance for accidental property damage or theft. Students and their parents/carers are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance for valuable items.

Statement of Values and School Philosophy

Our Statement of Values and School Philosophy outlines the values of our school community and explains the vision, mission, and objectives of our school.