Deciding on a Secondary College that will provide your son/daughter with the best possible educational opportunities can be very daunting. To ease parents’ angst the College offers an extensive Transition program for Primary students from Grade 5/6.

Grade 5 Full Day CSC Program

During Term 4 students from Grade 5 have the opportunity to attend the College for a full school day as part of the ‘Introduction to Secondary Schooling’ Program.

Students are transported to the College, where they participate in a modified curriculum program offered to Year 7 students such as Science, Art, Textiles, Health and Physical Education, Food Technology and Woodwork. Students rotate through the activities and have the opportunity to take home a completed piece of work from at least one of these workshops. This program is designed to provide students with a better understanding of secondary schooling and an awareness of the opportunities they will have as Cranbourne Secondary College students.

Grade 6 Transition Visits

The Transition staff wish to maintain a very close relationship with the Primary schools during the student’s Grade 6 Year. Initial visits to local Primary Schools occur in the first term. During these visits staff will attend the Grade 6 classes. Students will be provided with an interactive information session about secondary schooling and the transition program, whilst meeting the key College staff.

Year 7 Transition

The College will ensure that each student’s transition is smooth. Should parents/guardians be concerned about how their child is settling into the College, it is very important to contact the Pastoral Care Teacher and discuss effective strategies for a smoother transition. The Pastoral Care Teacher is the main contact for parents throughout the whole year.