State Schools’ Relief works closely with government schools across Victoria. Each year, State Schools’ Relief assists families experiencing financial disadvantage.

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The following documents outline the services and costs involved with State Schools’ Relief:

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      Year 7 Uniform

      The following information is also listed in the State Schools’ Relief 2023 Year 7 CSEF Uniform Package – Information for Families flyer

      Year 7 Uniform Pack will be made available to CSEF recipients.

      Every Year 7 Government school student who is a recipient of CSEF automatically qualifies to receive a uniform pack that is provided through State Schools’ Relief. If your child receives CSEF assistance and is in Year 6 transitioning to Year 7, you can ask for a uniform pack to be provided by State Schools’ Relief through the Secondary School your child is enrolled to attend in Year 7.

      Parents who have already purchased their child’s uniform for the current Year 7 year and then become a CSEF recipient can still apply for a CSEF Year 7 Uniform Pack.

      Visit the State School Relief website

      Year 7 CSEF Uniform Package – INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES

      Applications for the 2023 Year 7 CSEF Uniform Package are now open however, applications will not be processed until the start of Term 4, 2022.


      Who is SSR?

      State Schools’ Relief is a not-for-profit organisation that works closely with all state government schools in Victoria. Each year, State Schools’ Relief provides assistance to families experiencing financial disadvantage with school uniforms and footwear.

      Introduction to Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

      Through government funding, the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) was established to provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports days and excursions. To find out more, or to apply for assistance, go to

      State Schools’ Relief provides packages to families eligible to receive this funding.

      2023 Year 7 Uniform Package for CSEF recipients

      Year 7 students for 2023 that are recipients of the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) automatically qualify for the uniform package and/or vouchers.

      What’s in the package?

      The 2023 package contains the following items:

      • 1 x Polo Top or Shirt
      • 1 x Trousers / Pants or Shorts or Summer Dress
      • 1 x Pair of Shoes (Lace Ups or T-Bars or Sneakers)

      Please note:

      • PE items are not included as part of this package
      • Shoes must be requested in UK sizes. The SSR shoe size conversion chart is available on the State Schools Relief website

      Cost to families

      Where State Schools’ Relief cannot supply uniform items directly, you will receive a voucher that subsidises the cost of the uniform items. The voucher can be redeemed at your child’s school uniform shop, or independent uniform retailer, which will be listed on the voucher.

      Families receiving vouchers may be required to make a co-contribution payment towards the cost of the uniform items. The amount required to cover the gap will depend on the retail purchase price and the State Schools’ Relief subsidy.

      The voucher provided by State Schools’ Relief lists each approved item, and the maximum purchase value, that State Schools’ Relief will cover. Check your school’s uniform price list to work out how much extra you may need to contribute towards the uniform item. Please note: vouchers do have an expiry date and must be redeemed before the expiry date.

      How do I apply for the CSEF Uniform Package?

      Applications are made through your child’s school. Please refrain from contacting State Schools’ Relief directly as staff are unable to accept applications from parents/families or carers. Should you have any questions, or wish to apply for assistance, please speak with your child’s 2023 school.

      How do I receive the uniform package?

      • All items and/or vouchers provided by SSR will be delivered directly to your child’s school. The school will then contact you to arrange handover of these items and/or vouchers.
      • The voucher will advise whether you collect items from the school uniform shop or a retailer. If it’s a retailer, please check with your school to find out the nearest store.
      • If a uniform item costs more than the maximum subsidised amount, State Schools’ Relief is unable to cover any further cost.
      • If a uniform item costs less than the maximum subsidised amount, the difference cannot be redeemed or transferred to an alternate uniform item.

      Please note: vouchers are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash; they cannot be used to purchase extra items and only the uniform item listed can be purchased with the voucher. State Schools’ Relief does not make cash payments to schools or parents.

      Terms and Conditions

      • Only Year 7 students for 2023 that qualify for CSEF are automatically entitled to a uniform pack.
      • Each student is eligible for only one CSEF uniform pack.
      • All vouchers have an expiry date, which is included on the voucher. Vouchers must be redeemed within the time frame specified.
      • If uniform items cost less than the stated subsidised amount on the voucher, any unused subsidy cannot:- be transferred to a different uniform item- be used to purchase an extra item; or- provided as cash to the school or the parent.

      What you need to do?

      Your child’s school will be in contact with you to order the 2023 uniform package.

      Senior School Uniform

      The following information is also listed in the State Schools’ Relief 2022 Flyer for Senior Year levels

      State Schools’ Relief is a not-for-profit organisation that helps tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorian students, and their families each year, by providing students with new uniforms, footwear and education resources.


      Uniform Items – Logo
      A voucher is issued for uniforms with a school logo such as jackets, dresses and PE Shirts. Vouchers have a three-month expiry and only subsides part of the cost, a parent co-contribution payment is also required.

      Non Logo Uniform Items
      SSR deliver the following non-logo uniforms to the College:

      • Plain white shirts in short or long sleeve
      • Black trousers or shorts
      • PE shorts
      • Ankle socks

      School Shoes
      Black polishable leather school shoes are available in three school approved designs:

      • Black leather unisex runners
      • Lace-up shoes
      • T-Bar shoes

      Dress Code Policy
      To find out more about our College Dress Code Policy

      How do I order?
      Please contact your child’s Year Level Engagement Coordinator to discuss eligibility and what support you may require.


      VCE Textbook Program
      SSR can subsidise two VCE textbooks up to a value of $80 per text book. This includes e-books. Closes end of Term 1 2022.

      Graphing Calculator Program
      The TI-Nspire CAS Series Graphing Calculator can be provided to students completing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Limited stock.

      VET Program (Years 10-12)
      If your child requires any VET uniforms from the listed 2022 VET courses, State Schools’ Relief can assist eligible students to obtain these items.

      These courses include:

      • Year 10 Taster (Construction)
      • Automotive
      • Building and Construction
      • Engineering
      • Furniture
      • Horticulture

      VET Uniform packages

      VET uniform packs can be purchased online at 100% of the profits from the sales of our workwear items are returned to the organisation to further benefit disadvantaged students.