To develop empowered learners who grow, contribute meaningfully and enjoy life.

Empowered learners are lifelong learners. They increasingly influence and drive their own learning. They have the voice and agency that builds aspiration and the ability to translate it into action. Knowing how to learn, unlearn and relearn makes them 21st-century-ready.

Learning isn’t just about accomplishment or success, it’s about growth and the growth mindset that makes progress and improvement possible. It’s only having grown that you can contribute.

Contributing meaningfully is purposeful, productive and powerful. There’s nothing like it for building connections, boosting mental health, valuing community and growth in all its forms.

Enjoying life doesn’t just happen. It relies on lifestyle choices informed by the holistic growth and maturity that recognises living well involves making your unique contribution to humanity.

To equip learners for a fulfilling life by developing their intellectual, social, emotional and moral intelligence.

This relies on our:

      • caring and engaging learning environment that promotes growth
      • ethos and community culture of inclusion and participation
      • school-wide learning and positive behaviour frameworks
      • broad, personalised curriculum offerings and learning pathway options
      • commitment to empowering learners who can and want to contribute

Curiosity drives students to engage with broad ranging learning opportunities as explorers, thinkers, collaborators, communicators, problem solvers and evaluators. Our culture of excellence promotes the personal growth and creative expression that emerges as learners develop a deep understanding of themselves, others and the world.

Nurturing, respectful relationships are at the heart of our care network because we want everyone to be known, feel connected and valued, reach their potential and thrive.

We are strengthened by the connection, belonging, and diversity that characterises our inclusive learning community. It galvanises our journey of understanding, support and celebration together, and is warmly extended to our alumni, and our local tertiary and industry partners.

Encouragement to learn and grow for the purpose of making a unique contribution in their time and place inspires our students to be and give their best. The reward is personal and collective fulfilment and joy.

We value

      • the imperative of care
      • the power of learning
      • the enrichment of community
      • the joy of contribution

At Cranbourne Secondary College we are a respectful, responsible, learning community.