The College Council believes that a compulsory school uniform for students fosters:

  • equality
  • contributes in their wellbeing and safety, especially during school excursions or when travelling to and from school
  • promotes a positive school identity and image in a variety of community and public settings

Strict uniform guidelines are provided by the school. It is essential that both parents and their children carefully read through these and adhere to it as the College expects students to be in full school uniform during school hours including traveling to and from school, during lunchtimes, recess and on excursions.

Uniform Supplier

PSW Hampton Park is our uniform supplier.

Address: Unit 2, 10-12 South Link, Dandenong South
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8.30am -5.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am-5.00pm
Contact Phone: 8768 7490
Contact Email:

To ensure that students not lose their clothing items, please label all parts of your child’s uniform clearly with their name and year level.

Correct footwear is important to the school in relation to occupational health and safety issues. Please read our guide to acceptable shoes

Parents who do not support or value students being in full school uniform everyday are encouraged to find an alternative school for their child.

Sustainable School Shop

We are proud to offer the ‘Sustainable School Shop’ service for parents to buy and sell second-hand uniforms and text books.

To list any ‘Wanted’ or ‘For Sale’ items, simply register on the Sustainable School Shop website at Assistance is also provided by the Sustainable School Shop to accurately price items.

Buyers contact sellers, and arrange when and where to carry out the transaction.

Visit the Sustainable School Shop Online