To identify and recognize the high achieving, highly able and talented students from Year 8-10 and to design a program that will motivate, encourage and challenge these students to excel across all subject areas by means of curriculum differentiation, in-school and external activities, competitions and courses.

Selection Criteria & Recognition

High achieving, highly able and talented students from Year 8-10 are identified through a rigorous process using Online Demand Testing in Literacy and Numeracy, NAPLAN results, teacher recommendations and end of semester academic reports.

Once selected, High Achievers from Year 8 to 10 are presented with a High Achiever Badge to wear with their uniform. Students will also receive a High Achiever folder in which to build their academic portfolio and to display certificates they receive for participating in programs, projects and competitions.

An accurate and updated High Achiever list will be available to all teachers. This will ensure that teachers can meet the demands of the High Achievers by continuously challenging them through differentiation of the curriculum.

The College maintains a very high academic expectation from all students. Students are consistently encouraged to ensure that they work to their full potential. The High Achiever Co-ordinator regularly reviews the students in the program to ensure that an effective and successful program is developed and maintained to sustain a very high academic standard.  The High Achiever program does not guarantee a placement for students whose academic results do not reflect their potential.