Head Start Program is a model for apprenticeships and traineeships for school students that is creating new and exciting possibilities.

Head Start students spend more time doing important, paid, on-the-job training while completing their VCE or VCAL at school.

The program helps students to develop skills and experience that employers value. Head Start helps students to get the best start in their career.

Students can choose to take an extra year to complete their VCE or VCAL but that is not a requirement of the program. Head Start apprentices and trainees spend significant time in the workplace.  This means more time spent training and on-the-job so that skills and knowledge are applied.

Each Head Start student has a program designed for them. For many students in their first year they will spend one or two days per week in paid employment. This will increase to three or four days per week in paid employment in the final year which is averaged with fulltime work during school holiday periods.

Depending on the requirement of the employer, it is expected that at a minimum students will undertake:

  • one day per week paid employment in year 10
  • two days per week paid employment in year 11
  • two-three days per week paid employment in year 12 (which may be undertaken over two years if required)

Students as they undertake Work Experience or Structured Workplace Learning can request the Head Start team to contact their hosting employer to discuss possible ongoing apprenticeships or traineeships.

To find out more contact the Head Start team in the Pathways space. We support young people to begin their career while at school.

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