At Cranbourne Secondary College, we recognise that students demonstrating a strong academic potential learn better when they are surrounded by like-minded peers. Such students need to be given regular opportunities to go beyond surface level knowledge and develop their critical thinking, problem solving and creative skills. Our Academic Excellence Program offers engaged learners a more challenging and diverse curriculum designed to enhance these skills.


To be the school of choice in the local area for those students demonstrating a strong academic potential.

Purpose of the program

  • To offer a challenging academic program for students in order to extend their learning.
  • To provide more focus on deep learning. This includes providing work that targets the students’ critical and creative thinking skills, their problem solving skills and their inquiry skills.
  • To build a learning culture wherein like-minded students learn from and challenge each other.

Application process for students

Due to COVID-19 school restrictions, please note that an alternative application process is being undertaken for 2021 and applications are currently closed. Families who have already registered will be contacted with further information.