At Cranbourne Secondary College, we recognise that students demonstrating a strong academic potential learn better when like-minded peers surround them. Such students must be given regular opportunities to go beyond surface-level knowledge and develop their critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills. Our Academic Excellence Program offers engaged learners a more challenging and diverse curriculum to enhance these skills.

The purpose of the Cranbourne Secondary College Academic Excellence Program is to challenge students to extend and develop their academic abilities. The program also focuses on providing students with a framework to develop their strengths and understand how to use them to impact the world around them.

  • The program is specifically designed to develop and maximise students’ potential in an environment that promotes a strong culture of academic excellence.
  • Learning experiences are linked to four key capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Organisation and Time Management.
  • Academic Excellence students complete the same curriculum and sit the same assessment in their core subjects. Extension work occurs in the regular curriculum through a range of means, including negotiated learning experiences, fast-tracking, and the selection of more cognitively demanding tasks, community projects and enhancement activities.

Registrations are now closed for 2025 enrolment.