Middle School Team

  • Years 9-10 Middle School Leader – Rick Taig
  • Middle School Assistant – Kay Gooiker
Year 9 Coordinators
  • Maria Tortoni
  • Justin D’Rosario
Year 10 Coordinators
  • Heidi Gunn
  • Scott Jones

Year 9 Overview

Our Year 9 program seeks to broaden the students’ understanding of study and prepare them for their final years at the College or external pathways.

Our Pastoral Care Program continues and students have one significant Pastoral Care Teacher who looks after one class. These teachers provide mentoring support for the students in their Pastoral care class and they should always be the first point of contact for a parent.

The students now choose their electives and develop their creative capabilities which culminates in the Create Festival which has now been running for 15 years.

They also work towards either an applied learning pathway; the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or an academic pathway; the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).


Core Subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)
  • Life Skills

Elective Subjects:

  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) – German
  • Design Technology – Food
  • Design Technology – Wood
  • Design Technology – Metal
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Media
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Communication Design

City Journey

Educational research tells us that Year 9 is one of the most crucial years in a child’s educational development. Because of its unique place between the younger developmental years of primary school and the maturity required to succeed in later adolescence, children need to work towards a greater sense of independence and responsibility in their learning. The Cranbourne Secondary College Year 9 Journey program is designed to provide students with the more expansive skills needed for success in a rapidly changing world, while still providing all of the academic skills required to succeed at school.

The key strategy in Year 9 at Cranbourne Secondary College is to use the very best suggestions from educational research and package them in a program that is both exciting and challenging.

The central focus of our Year 9 program, City Journey, is a means of helping students develop a sense of independence and understanding of the wider world around them.

The City Journey program challenges Year 9 students to accept responsibility, work in teams and reflect maturely on a whole range of issues. It is educational, exciting and fun. We make a special effort to teach ways of keeping safe in wider world outside of school.

Throughout the year, Year 9 students at Cranbourne Secondary College enhance their learning with a range of excursions and incursions, learning expeditions and guest speakers.

Smaller one-day city familiarisation excursions, educational scavenger hunts and workshops and give way to a full week in August when students are challenged to invent their own research project and pursue it under the guidance of teachers, utilising the resources surrounding them in the city.

During the week, students also participate in exciting workshops. These workshops include Urban Seed (in which students learn about homelessness and disadvantage), excursions to Etihad Stadium and Eureka Tower, research and reflection activities, as well as sessions at Parliament House, the Magistrates Court and the Treasury Building.

An integral part of the City Journey program will be student research. Students are placed in research teams of 4-5 students. The preparation for this research is expected to be completed within their classes, with the support of their teachers. Typically, students will be expected to conduct interviews, meet with business people, develop surveys and collect information that is relevant to their research topic.

Students will also be expected to undertake student-directed research projects, designed to encourage independent learning and an understanding of the wider community.

During these student-directed research projects, students will not necessarily be under direct supervision of teachers at all times, but they will at all times be within close phone contact and teachers will be no more than two minutes away in our supervision. It is made clear to every student that they must, at all times, remain with their group and complete the research tasks in the required timeframe. Over the course of the week, there will be four one-and-a-half-hour student research blocks where students will undertake the responsibility to pursue their research with guidance from the teachers.

When students are engaging in their self-directed research projects, staff will be strategically located around the city, but students will be able to move around and conduct their research with some degree of freedom. It is, however, made clear to every student that they must, at all times, remain with their group and complete the research tasks in the required timeframe. Each research group is in contact with the City Journey via mobile phones when away from the City Journey. (This is the one occasion during the year when students will be allowed to bring their mobile phones.) During the week, students will be expected to wear full school uniform, including school shoes.

The City Journey program challenges Years 9 students to accept responsibility, keep safe, work in teams and reflect maturely on a whole range of issues. It is educational, exciting and fun.

Create Festival

The Year 9 Create Festival has been running since 2004. It showcases the many and varied creative talents that our students are developing in their Performing Arts, Visual Communication, Media and Technology elective subjects.

For many of the school’s performers, the Create Festival performance is the platform that ignites the spark and initiates a life-long passion for performing. For the others it is the beginning of their creative pursuit in Art, Media, Visual Communication or the design technologies offered.

This is a platform where students’ talents and skills are mentored so that individually they can discover, nurture and develop their own artistic and creative abilities which then can translate into further study, a career pathway or a hobby.

The Create festival is eagerly anticipated each semester by staff, students and the broader community with rave reviews and sold out shows.

Year 10 Overview

In Year 10 the curriculum choices expand to meet the broadening interests and capabilities of the students. Increased self-reliance is fostered as students become more mature and independent.

High achieving students are offered advanced study options. This includes the opportunity for Year 10 students to study one Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject. It is during the Middle School years that the College begins to focus on and explore the students’ post-college future. Guided by the Managed Individual Pathways Program (MIP’s), students learn to use career development tools.

They receive course counselling and subject selection advice tailored to their individual preferences and abilities. In Year 10, the MIP’s Program provides students with further guidance and advice on pathway choices. Students have the opportunity to participate in work experience.

This is a critical stage in secondary education and the College focuses on supporting students to choose appropriate pathways through VCE, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and beyond in tertiary studies (University/TAFE) or employment.

Please refer to the Year 10 Handbook for more detailed information about Year 10 courses.