2005 – Present

The early 2000s saw an influx of students into the college from a range of countries including Afghanistan and The Sudan but the Pacific Islands students were the most numerous. While most of these students came to Australia via New Zealand many also came directly from their island homes of Samoa and The Cook Islands.

Our curriculum did not have the time and space to enable any exploration or celebration of these cultures and so the students formed an alternative student council to try to meet specific needs: many students needed the time and space to play music, sing and dance, and maintain their very rich cultural traditions within the confines of this new environment.

The formation of “Polyhood” was the result of a group of Pacific Island students, led by Angelina and Jonathan Eli, wanting to be able to showcase and celebrate the cultures of their home islands and to be seen and heard in the college as a united and strong student voice.

Polyhood has continued to grow: the annual highlight is the Polyhood performance that presents singing and dancing, contemporary and traditional. Past students return to be part of Polyhood and external members of the Pacific Island community also contribute to this exceptional performance/celebration.