Our students continue to attain principal vocalist and principal and ensemble dancer positions in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular every year, demonstrating the range of talent of our student cohort.

In 2018 student Rahni Wightman was awarded a $23,500 scholarship to study at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance.

“The State Schools Spectacular 2016 united students to be a part of the biggest performance of their lives.

This was a performance that inspired excellence. Our students Jessie-Rose Woods, Rahni Wightman, Helena Paplos and Sene Smalley were part of a cast that dazzled over 10 000 spectators at Hisense arena. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to witness our students performing in this show.  I have often marvelled at the great performances they have given us in the last few years in our own theatre but this was taking it to a new level. I kept saying to the people around me “that’s my kid”.

It was a great thrill to see this performance that showcases the enormous talent that exists in our schools. The show came together in a 3 hour performance that celebrated a diversity of performance mediums, including choir, dance, vocal, drama, and orchestra.

The Spectacular is a world class event that promotes amongst the performers self-esteem, leadership skills, cooperation, collaboration, forging friendships and a sense of belonging in an amazing experience of performing live in front of thousands of people.

I was very proud of the fantastic contribution our students made to this event. The Cranbourne community should be very proud of the excellence our local talent has produced.”

George Massouris
Assistant Principal