Teach The Teacher 2018

The Teach the Teacher Program is designed to develop students’ personal leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

Students have the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer teaching and learning and build on their strengths to develop:

  • an understanding of student voice and representation
  • an greater understanding of teaching and learning
  • their potential to be leaders through a student-led professional learning session
  • their own unique approach to leadership
  • an increased understanding of their personal strengths and skills
  • effective communication skills
  • a willingness to create a more inclusive school culture

Through the Teach the Teacher program we have recognised the importance of listening to the students and their thoughts on how to continue to develop positive relationships within the school community. Students not only feel that their voices are being heard but that action is being taken.

Our Student leadership leader Warda Mala has supported the students to develop the sessions with the teachers. The students lead the direction of the program and a fully responsible for organising this valuable and exciting event.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Download the Teach the Teacher 2018 video