The CREATE Festival is an event which occurs each semester and both highlights and celebrates the achievements made in the performing arts, technology and visual arts areas by our year 9 students. 

Students who have studied one or more of the following subjects; art, dance, drama, visual communication and design, food studies, media, woods, metals or music contribute to the CREATE Festival. 

Throughout the semester students developed their skills within these subject areas and worked well to produce a piece of work for display. 

This year’s festival will take place in the Visual Arts building from 7:00 – 8:00 pm on Thursday the 2nd of June.

There will be an Arts exhibition displaying the works of our Visual Arts and Design & Technology subjects with live performances in the foyer from our dance, drama and music students. 

This year we will be casting votes for the best artwork, having door prizes, a silent auction and supper. 

This is a FREE event and there is no need to RSVP or obtain tickets. This year’s CREATE Festival is a celebration of what our year 9 students have produced in the areas of Arts and Technology. The event will run like an open classroom and showcase all that the Arts and Technology have to offer. 

We invite you all to join us on the night to share in their success and see all the great things they have created and produced throughout the semester. We hope to see you there to support our students.