To recognise the 3,139 Lives lost to Suicide in Australia in 2020  

The Push For Better Foundation runs The Push-Up Challenge and aims to raise awareness, engage and educate people and raise funds for mental health. The Push-Up Challenge runs from the 1st to 24th June 2022, 3,139 push-ups are done throughout the 24 days to represent the 3139 lives lost to suicide in 2020. 

This year one of the year 11 leaders, Bianca Buckley, is a student ambassador for the organisation and has worked closely to run the event. Working with the SRC and the Wellbeing teams, we are running a week of doing push ups during form assemblies.

Can’t do pushups? Not to worry, any alternative is acceptable; step ups, sit ups, star jumps and anything else to keep your heart pumping. The class captains will be responsible for taking notes of the push ups and giving them to the SRC by the end of the week.

The form class that does the most push ups or push up alternatives wins a pizza lunch!!

The SRC will be running a bake sale at lunch on Wednesday & Thursday to raise money for the challenge. On Wednesday we will have a “Whole School Push Up Count” Challenge in the middle courtyard.  

All the funds are donated to The Push For Better Foundation, headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation and Lifeline Australia to run vital mental health programs and save lives. 

You can learn more about The Push-Up Challenge here