1. Why is the uniform changing?
    Our school uniform is evolving to meet the needs of our students as they pursue an active and diverse educational program.
  2. How did the College decide on the new uniform collection?
    The College has consulted with focus groups in the college community to select items that will enhance choice and comfort throughout the year.
  3. How long is the transition period between the current and new uniforms?
    The transition period is three years. It begins at the start of Term 1, 2024 and concludes at the end of Term 4, 2026. In the lead-up to the full transition, students may wear either the current uniform or the new uniform.
  4. Which uniform should new students starting at Cranbourne Secondary College in 2024 wear?
    New students commencing from 2024 are highly encouraged to wear the new uniform. However, if they have existing uniform items or wish to purchase second-hand uniforms, they may wear those items up until Term 4, 2026.
  5. Can students still buy the current school uniform items?
    Yes. PSW has limited stock of the current school uniform available.
  6. Where can I purchase the new uniform?
    The new uniform will be available exclusively at the PSW store.
  7. When will I be able to see and purchase the new uniform collection?
    The new uniform is available now. If you would like to view the new items, we have them on display in the College Reception area.
New Uniform Items
DressSoftshell JacketRugby Jumper

(to be worn as well as a shirt)

Please download the Student Dress Code Policy to view uniform requirements.

If you need help with your uniform due to financial hardship, please get in touch with the college.