Cranbourne Secondary College has committed to 21st century learning by undertaking the one-to-one Netbook program for all students.

This allows students access to learning in the classroom and at home through our Compass Portal and through the use of the DET Edustar package. A computer levy paid by parents/care givers at the start of the year allows student access to an extensive range of software programs and learning activities in each subject area, and ICT infrastructure including technical support.

The cost of the laptops are offset by the fact that there are fewer textbooks to be purchased each year.

Netbooks and insurance can be paid on a payment plan as arranged through the General Office. We are keen to work with parents in any way possible to ensure that students have a laptop in class. Numerous educational software packages are included in the cost.

The benefits to the students and parents/caregivers:

  • Students are inspired and engage with today’s tools and experts
  • Students strive for excellence through personalised learning programs using Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Access to Compass 24/7
  • Access to our school server and programs 24 hours a day
  • Tech support during school hours
  • Edustar Software

The aim of this program is to give students full control and responsibility of their netbook/notebook. Students will have the responsibility to look after their device and to ensure that they keep their data saved on the network and details secure.

Purchasing a Netbook for Learning at School

Netbooks provide students with ongoing access to a digital library of innovative and interactive learning tools and educational resources. Having a netbook will change how and when your child learns.

  • This information has been designed to assist parents in the purchase of a netbook for use at the College
  • The College is highly committed to ensuring all students have access to a suitable netbook for classroom and home learning
  • We have worked hard to provide an outstanding option for students and families that ensures uninterrupted access to netbooks with payment methods to suit all budgets
  • Purchasing a netbook through the College supplier (Learning with Technology – LWT) is the preferred option for families
  • The highly preferred option is for families to purchase through the school. This program will be available for families outside of the Year 7 Program for a limited time, if you sign up before the 25 October. Please call 5996 3544 to place your order
  • The non-preferred option is that parents purchase from a separate retail outlet. The reason for this is shown in the table below

Minimum Specifications:

  • Minimum Specifications for a netbook at Cranbourne Secondary College – 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD,11.6” Full HD Touch, Pentium, 5M Camera, 12 Hour Battery
  • Devices that do not meet the above specifications will not be able to be used at the College

Netbook Purchasing details

Our BYOD Supplier

To assist parents in the purchase of a device, Cranbourne Secondary College has entered into a partnership with LWT who will provide an online portal from which you can select the computer that you wish to buy. You will be required to pay for the computer (+ any additional accessories) at the time of purchase.

The college BYOD portal is available at the following site:

Buy Your Own Device (BYOD)

Cranbourne Secondary College commenced a BYOD Program in 2018. This program ensures every student has ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to learning resources. It will also allow teachers to engage students in quality e-learning activities in class, and ensure they are prepared to enter a technology-rich world. Additionally, with the combination of DET’s eduPass solution and Microsoft Office 365 initiative, students will have free access to a catalogue of software to download and install on their personal machines.


  1. Have a “device” that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements
  2. Prepare the device for use at school.
  3. Ensure your son/daughter brings the device to school fully charged every day, and follows the BYOD Usage Agreement.


Below are the minimum device specifications that MUST be met if you intend to bring your own device for classroom usage:

  • Windows 10 only
  • Screen size at least 9.7 inches.
    (Mobile phones and smaller tablets are unsuitable for productive usage in the classroom environment due to their limitations in screen size and functionality)
  • Battery life of at least 5 hours
  • Protective cover or carry case